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    At no cost to our members, Grady EMC will perform an energy audit. The goal of the energy audit program is to help you save money by identifying areas where your home’s energy efficiency can be improved. The audit is conducted for residential members who wish to know more about their energy consumption. Call our customer service department at (229) 377-4182 to schedule your Free Energy Audit.

    Benefits of having an audit performed:

    Find out where your energy dollars are going.

    View a comprehensive hourly report of your energy usage
    See why your energy costs are different from last month or last year
    Schedule Free Audit

    Get no-cost/low-cost recommendations for saving energy such as: 

    Caulking and weather stripping
    Additional insulation
    Storm windows and doors
    Schedule Free Audit

    Learn about long-term investments such as:

    A more efficient heating system
    An efficient water heating system
    Schedule Free Audit