The fundamental reason this classification exists is for a Line Worker to work with a construction crew to install new distribution lines, provide maintenance of distribution lines and services as directed and assist as required in all aspects of the project as directed by the Crew Leader. 


Must be able to read and interpret sag charts and have basic knowledge of poly-phase metering hookups. Working knowledge of the National Electrical Code and RUS specifications is a requirement. You must be principled with good personal habits as you will represent this company to the general public. Require to have basic knowledge of hand tools. Require to have a Commercial Driving License (CDL). Require to have a minimum of five years of experience as a Line Worker in a Distribution or Transmission Field. Good communication skills and electrical Training are preferred qualifications. 


Work safely while performing new construction, maintenance or repair work 

• Capable of safely setting poles and anchors 

• Climb into and out of aerial buckets and on and off large trucks 

• Climbing, rigging, and lineman experience required 

• Capable of properly installing and removing PPE and Cover Up 

• Capable of checking voltage on transformers 

• Capable of installing and removing a service 

• Understands how to tie various lineman knots 

• Understands proper equipment setup and grounding procedures 

• Identify different types of materials used in line work 

Troubleshooting problems in distribution systems 

• Works with energized high-voltage systems 

• Builds and maintains electrical lines and other electrical facilities 

• Frame poles on the ground 

• Operates heavy and light equipment 

• Responds to service calls and make repairs 

• Lift, carry and place heavy objects 

• Must be willing to work “on-call” after a six-month probationary period 

• Maintains company vehicles, equipment and tools in good working order 

Does all other related work as required to complete the job 

Required to obtain ITS Certification 

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